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The ANT Plant manufacturing concept, which is based on robotics and a comprehensive service solution, has been the subject of much interest in the global electronics industry community. The concept enables the cost-effective reshoring of manufacturing close to the clients.

Increases in personnel spending, poor quality, shipping costs and long delivery times are just a few reasons why electronics industry companies are looking for ways to manufacture their products outside of cheap labor countries. Advanced manufacturing is leading the way for the fourth industrial revolution.

“With the ANT Plant manufacturing concept, the local production of LED lighting products is actually profitable. In China, 100–200 people work on an assembly line, whereas a fully automated production line operates with one or two operators per shift and manufactures 100% quality,” says EID Tech Oy Sales Director Paavo Käkelä.

Returning manufacturing closer to the clients also offers work to the local people.

Robotization does not take away domestic jobs because LED lighting products are currently manufactured almost exclusively abroad in cheap labor countries.

The brand based on quality and local work

A full-service solution is combined with technology in the ANT Plant manufacturing concept. The company marketing the final product needs nearly no manufacturing expertise because EID Tech is responsible for the supplying end-product materials, maintenance of the microfactory and in life cycle services under the partnership agreement.

“ANT Plant is suitable for companies that want to produce high-quality products close to their clients. The brand, which is based on quality and local work, is a sustainable competitive advantage that makes it possible to have a profitable business. We’ve had feedback that brand value has increased dramatically after switching to local manufacturing,” says Käkelä.

More information:

Paavo Käkelä
Sales director
EID Tech Oy
+ 358 50 361 3945