CEO's review

Advanced manufacturing with ANT Plant is leading the way

From the very beginning, our operation has been guided by a value that has also influenced our company name. EID stands for Everything Is Doable. This is the uncompromising attitude with which we serve all our clients.

EID Together means finding robotic solutions together with our clients, for their greatest benefit.

  • We listen to our clients and take their needs into account.
  • We find a suitable solution for challenges together with our clients.
  • We are responsible and take responsibility for our work.
  • We constantly develop our skills for the greatest benefit of our clients.
  • We value our employees and do meaningful work together.

This is also the reason why we developed the ANT Plant manufacturing concept. In 2014, we identified the global changes taking place within the production industry; more and more companies want to manufacture quality products locally – closer to the client.

“We believe that we are heading towards the fourth industrial revolution, and advanced manufacturing with ANT Plant is leading the way.”

We started to develop a modular and fully automated robotic cell to enable cost-efficient manufacturing. The end result was the ANT Plant microfactory, created by innovative engineers like myself, which we now offer alongside a comprehensive ANT Plant manufacturing concept. The idea is to keep the concept so simple that our clients don’t need any manufacturing skills.

The ANT Plant manufacturing concept is truly a new and innovative way to manufacture your products. It is the embodiment of skill born from the outside-the-box thinking and advanced manufacturing expertise of our engineers. We believe that we are heading towards the ​fourth industrial revolution,​ and ​advanced manufacturing​ with ANT Plant is leading the way.

Jari Helminen


M.Sc. in Automation technology
Founder and owner

+358 503604977

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