ANT Plant microfactory

ANT Plant – the modular, fully automated turnkey microfactory

You can choose a combination of fully automated standardized robotic cells that will fit your manufacturing needs most effectively. We offer various technology applications for robotic cells. The installation of the complete microfactory at the client’s premises can be done in only eight hours, as the interface between the cells is simply about connecting the power lines and the communications network. The estimated payback time for your microfactory is just one year – or even less.

The modular structure of the microfactory enables quick changes to the production line. Typically, ANT Plant manufactures products that weigh less than 10 kg and have several assembly process steps. Currently, the fully automated ANT Plant microfactory is used to manufacture LED tubes, but the microfactory can be easily and quickly developed to manufacture other products as well.

Your ANT Plant microfactory is powered by EID Robotics.

“Microfactory users have reported
a 3x lower field failure rate.”

See an example of the microfactory:

Assembly 1
Assembly 2
Testing and laser marking
Individual /serial packaging


  • An easy-to-use interface
  • A stable operating system
  • Communications network with secured external connection point for remote control and data collection
  • One single person per shift needed to keep production running 24/7
  • Only 1,700 sq. ft of floor space is required

Watch our microfactory in action

ANT Plant microfactory is a quick-to-adopt plant with advanced manufacturing robotic cells. The modular structure of the microfactory enables quick changes to the production line. See on this video how the fully automated ANT Plant is manufacturing fully-tested, labeled, packaged LED tubes. It has the ability to produce one million LED tubes per year – ready for market.

Why ANT Plant microfactory?


  • Products are tested, labeled, and packaged automatically
  • Only one person per shift needed to keep the production running 24/7
  • Operations are controlled from the cloud


  • One-day installation
  • A two-week ramp up to full capacity
  • Additional cells can be added later, and the setup time can be as short as two hours


  • The ability to produce ready-for-market products
  • The production runs can be small and can be adjusted daily
  • Easy to switch between different product models


  • The Design for Automation (DFA): process and the end product are designed at the same time, which means no compromises with the process or product design
  • No human errors with automated process phases


  • Traceability for critical components and the required product-specific data can be found based on the end product’s serial number

Looking for an easy and profitable concept for manufacturing?

ANT Plant is suitable for companies that want to produce high-quality products close to their clients.
We have also carried out client-specific automation for various industries.
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