Turnkey Services

Improving the utilization rate of automatized production lines

Our robotic solutions are suitable for the profitable, easy and high-quality production of piece goods. In addition to design and manufacturing, we offer life cycle services that improve the utilization rate of automatized production lines. Our equipment allows remote support. If necessary, we can also offer our expertise in the design of the client’s product (DFA = Design for Automation).

“EID Robotics offers a range of turnkey services
designed to meet the needs of clients”

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Turnkey services for industrial automation

Process analysis

  • We analyze your process and submit our proposal to find the best possible solution in order to produce your products profitably and with the highest quality.
  • We always concentrate on both products and processes, and our DFA work will help you to reduce your costs.


  • Our experienced, highly-skilled designers find best possible solutions for your needs without compromise.
  • We help you with your requirements when creating new processes or when if you need to update your process due to new end products.

Assembly and testing

  • We always build our automated machines in the same conditions as those on the client’s premises.
  • All machines are carefully tested before shipping to the client. Machines will be shipped only after FAT (factory acceptance test) and agreed by client.

Installation and ramp up

  • After delivery, our group will visit the client’s premises to install and ramp up for the machines.
  • Thanks to our lengthy development work, our machines are designed to be modularized, which allows for extremely short installation and ramp up times on the client’s premises.


  • We provide training to our clients’ technicians and operators.
  • Our detailed instructions and user-friendly graphical user interface enables an efficient start to production from the very beginning following machine installation.

Life cycle services

  • Our life cycle services give you the ability to concentrate on developing your own business.
  • Our service includes:
    • Full time warranty
    • Services based on schedules
    • Spare parts
    • 24/7 remote support
    • On-site support when needed

Looking for an easy and profitable concept for manufacturing?

ANT Plant is suitable for companies that want to produce high-quality products close to their clients.
We have also carried out client-specific automation for various industries.
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