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Senseair is a leading global provider of air and gas sensing technology. Their purpose is to make sense of air by providing the best possible measurement solutions, services, and intelligence. EID Robotics in cooperation with Scanditron designed and supplied Senseair with a fully automated microfactory solution for producing new types of NDIR sensors.

Why Senseair Chose EID Robotics?

”Here at Senseair, we want control of our product development and manufacturing. Due to intense competition, automated production is vital to us. We started looking for a completely automated production solution for our new sensor innovation. During our comparison of automation partners, we found that EID Robotics and Scanditron had all the expertise we needed – it is a one-stop shop for strong automation and software competence.

We were convinced by EID Robotics’ unique technology solution and the easy-to-use user interface.

Project Learnings

During the project, our knowledge about the most recent production methods and technologies grew immensely, as we were looking for the best solutions to solve our challenges. We worked in close cooperation with experts at EID Robotics and we knew exactly what was going on at all times. The comprehensive microfactory turnkey solution included the assembly process, quality verification system, and packing process.  The process only requires one employee per shift to ensure that production runs smoothly.

The application improves the quality of our products, enhances traceability and streamlines production.

Benefit – Increase Quality and Open New Customer Segments

“Automating our production is strategically very important to us. Qualified employees are hard to come by, and the quality requirements of industrial customers, in particular, are very high. We especially value the solution’s automated quality control, which ensures the high quality of the sensors and makes each component fully traceable. This allows us to pitch to completely new customers. Now we can serve e.g., the automotive industry, whose quality requirements we have not been able to meet previously. Thanks to this investment, we will be manufacturing Sunrise sensors long into the future.”

Carl-Johan Hed, Production Engineer, Senseair

The Solution

The robotic solution designed and developed for Senseair is based on EID Robotics’ ANT Plant microfactory, which is a modular and fully automated turnkey solution for local manufacturing.

How to Install a Microfactory in One Day?

Download our Microfactory guide and learn how to build and install a microfactory quickly, even in one day!

More information:
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