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Out-of-the-box thinking in advanced manufacturing

EID Robotics develops customized automation solutions for industrial companies globally. Our clients value our trusted partnership, and out-of-the-box thinking in advanced manufacturing, which manifests itself as innovation. This is because we craft production-enhancing robotic solutions out of different technologies. Our innovative ANT Plant microfactory concept has enabled the profitable manufacturing of high-quality products locally for several companies.

Everything Is Doable – Together!

How to Install a Microfactory in One Day?

A fully-automated microfactory, which scales to millions of units, can be installed even in one day, but requires three things: Process, Modularity, and Experience. Download this Guide and Learn More!

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nine reasons to setup a microfactoryBlogs
March 8, 2021

Nine Reasons to Setup an Automated Microfactory Instead of Traditional Customized Solution

Microfactories are a flexible alternative for the traditional customized automation systems. You can quickly ramp-up production with a modular microfactory, minimize the initial investment, and scale-up output to millions of…
automated production lineBlogs
February 4, 2021

Building an Automated Assembly Line – How to Minimize Costs and Ramp-up Time?

When you build a new assembly line or scale-up existing capacity, low costs and fast ramp-up time are critical. However, more often than not, time and money are wasted for…
accelerating-microfactory business growthNews
January 25, 2021

EID Robotics Accelerates ANT PLANT Microfactory Growth – Jarno Räsänen Joins as COO 

Jarno Räsänen, the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) who joined EID Robotics in January 2021, will bring the company strong expertise in international business, finance, and personnel management, and previous…

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Watch our microfactory in action

ANT Plant microfactory is a quick-to-adopt plant with advanced manufacturing robotic cells. The modular structure of the microfactory enables quick changes to the production line. See on this video how the fully automated ANT Plant is manufacturing fully-tested, labeled, packaged LED tubes. It has the ability to produce one million LED tubes per year – ready for market.

Looking for an easy and profitable concept for local manufacturing?

ANT Plant microfactory is suitable for companies that want to produce high-quality products close to their clients.
We have also carried out client-specific automation for various industries.
We would love to hear from you.


Offshoring manufacturing

High inventory levels
Long lead time
Moderate product quality
Brand known as “Made in China”


Local manufacturing with ANT Plant

Payback time is just one year
Fast response time to meet customer demands
100% product quality
A rise in the value of your company brand