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We are pleased to announce that EID Robotics Inc. has received government approval to supply services and products to federal government agencies and their suppliers in the United States, including the Department of Defense (DoD). EID Robotics is entitled to operate as a prime- and subcontractor to deliver projects for a broad range of sectors such as aerospace and defense. 

EID Robotics was assigned a unique Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE), a unique identifier given to all eligible suppliers, and NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE). The CAGE code identifies a company’s physical address, and it can be used for a facility security clearance or pre-award survey. CAGE codes are assigned by DoD’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). EID Robotics’s CAGE code is 94S18.

“We are proud of attaining the official approval to work with the government agencies and their subcontractors in projects all over the United States. I am convinced that our vast experience in cutting-edge automation technologies and the modular microfactory platform, ANT Plant, will offer the fastest and most cost-efficient way to ramp up production in the country!” – Paavo Kakela, VP Sales and Marketing, EID Robotics

How Can EID Robotics Help Government Agencies & Suppliers? 

EID Robotics is an experienced provider of automation solutions with an extensive track record in delivering customer-focused industrial automation to global manufacturers, especially in the electronics, medical devices, and lighting products sectors.

Fast Microfactory Solutions

EID Robotics is one of the pioneers of microfactory solutions, agile assembly and production lines built up from modules and integrated through standard interfaces, allowing rapid installation, flexible scaling, and easy re-configuration at any point of its life-cycle. 

What is ANT Plant?

ANT Plant is EID Robotic’s signature microfactory solution, a modular platform allowing manufacturers to ramp production rapidly (30% faster than customized automation) while minimizing initial investment and reducing overall risks. With ANT Plant, manufacturers can start with a small capacity and expand flexibly when more capacity is needed. The configuration can be easily changed for new product variants, making it a future-proof production platform. Microfactory also enables Local Manufacturing in the United States. 

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Local Manufacturing

Local Manufacturing allows companies to increase their domestic content rate to qualify for the federal government procurements and capitalize on state subsidies, employ locally, and improve wellbeing in the community. Local Manufacturing reduces the delivery time by several weeks compared to offshoring and saves costs via the lower working capital and increased resiliency against supply-chain disruptions. Also, logistics costs are decreased, lead times are shortened, forecasting becomes more accurate, and inventory and waste are reduced. Companies can increase quality when all operations are handled locally together with sub-contractors.  

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Contact EID Robotics 

If you are planning production in the United States as a government agency or supplier, contact EID Robotics to find out how we can help with fast, cost-efficient, and scalable local manufacturing solutions!