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At this festive time, as a company, we can reflect on what we have achieved during the past year. We have taken a major step forward in our plans for growing and globalizing our business.

This would not have been possible without sticking to our main principle of finding robotic solutions together. From the very beginning, our operations have been guided by the principle of EID Together, which means that we find innovative solutions together with our clients and partners, and always do meaningful work together.

This year, our efforts to globalize our operations have shown results. We have already started two significant automation projects abroad, in Estonia and Sweden, together with our partners. These international partnerships have provided us with new challenges and opportunities to learn how to execute extensive projects in global environments.

This year we have developed an innovative product: a safety scanner solution for a servo-driven portal robot.

I am proud to say that our innovation allows safer and more flexible collaboration between the operator and the machine.

The past year’s rapid growth has kept us pretty busy. Our existing resources were not sufficient for carrying out all the work, so we have hired new talent to our team. The number of employees has doubled during the past year. In addition, our turnover will be triple that of last year.

Our major step forward wouldn’t have been possible without the great contribution of our team.

Therefore, I would like to thank our skillful team for all the effort they have put into our projects.  Every one of you has done a great job contributing your talents and skills to the projects. A big thank you also to all our partners and suppliers for their commitment and overwhelming support throughout the year.

Next year looks bright for us. We have interesting projects coming up which will provide us with opportunities to develop ourselves and bring forward solutions that promote the development of robotization and advanced manufacturing.

We would especially like to export our expertise in local manufacturing further overseas. We believe that bringing local manufacturing facilities closer to consumers will increase wellbeing in local communities and decrease harmful emissions caused by global freight. We would like to do our own bit for better future.

With these words, I would like to wish all our team, clients, partners, friends and families a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Jari Helminen
CEO, EID Robotics