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The rapid growth of EID Robotics has meant that a host of new experts have joined the company. We will also be recruiting new automation experts for mechanics, electrical and programming tasks this year. Markku Soininen, who recently started working in production, is working together with Kasper Koponen, who is about to complete his vocational qualification.

At EID Robotics, our approach to work is uncompromising, which is also illustrated in the company slogan: ”Everything is doable – together.”

At present, our production facilities are very busy as we are about to complete two part handling and packaging lines based on modular robotics systems and finalize for approval testing, and then on to clients. In addition to this, we are also working on several robotic cells to be delivered later on.

“Flexibility is one of the best things about EID Robotics. It is enabled by close cooperation working towards a shared goal. What I like about my work is the variety. I believe that, going forward, we will continue implementing international projects and spreading the word about the benefits of local manufacturing and microfactories,” says machine automation engineer Markku Soininen from the production department.

Soininen is in charge of mechanics installations and commissioning of robot lines and devices. He also works as an instructor for employees at the start of their careers. Before joining EID Robotics, Markku accumulated extensive experience as a supervisor and developer in mechanical workshops, as a laboratory engineer with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, and as an acoustics and audio designer for product development in international companies designing and manufacturing mobile phones.

“After years of product development work, I wanted to do something with my hands, and so I applied for a job in production. My task is to act as the first user on robot lines, the supervisor for mechanics works, as well as a quality controller. I have been given a lot of responsibility in a very short period, I have the confidence to make independent decisions, and my views are trusted.”

Bringing out the best in employees

In addition to seasoned professionals, EID Robotics employs young people at the start of their career. Kasper Koponen, who is about to complete his qualification as a machinist in Savo Vocational College, is working hard on mechanics installations with Markku Soininen. For Kasper, the best thing about work is the opportunity to learn something new every day.

“Here I’ve been able to put what I have learned at school in  into practice. I have assembled engines, carried out alignments, installed axles and attached various sensors. If there’s a problem, I always turn to Markku, because he knows how to get things done,” Koponen says, describing his tasks.

Markku Soininen works together with the younger generation in production facilities to pass on the knowledge and skills he has accumulated during his long career.

“I want everyone here to be able to develop their skills in a versatile way. Precision and insight are key in mechanics installations. But the most important thing is attitude: You have to be ready to work, do so meticulously, and take on responsibility,” Soininen says.

Managing Director Jari Helminen agrees with Soininen:

“If you have the right attitude, you can always learn new skills and address any challenges related to professional matters. It is far more difficult to mold someone’s basic disposition. Our company’s goal is to foster a close working community, despite our aggressive growth. Employees must be happy to come to work.”

“We value each and every one of our employees.”

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