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EID Tech has changed its name to EID Robotics, which gives a clearer idea of its innovative expertise in robotics. The change of name is part of the company’s strategy based on seeking rapid growth. The goal is to triple annual turnover over the next five years.

Growth will come from sales of the ANT Plant manufacturing concept in the USA and Europe. From an office opened in early 2018, EID Robotics has been engaged in a number of major negotiations with companies based on the east coast of the United States.

“For example, we are negotiating with a lighting company on a pilot for kicking off our mutual cooperation. This has involved discussions on a show room that would serve as a reference for the ANT Plant manufacturing concept in the United States”, says Jari Helminen, Managing Director of EID Robotics.

In addition to its own projects, EID robotics is entering the European markets alongside its strategic partner, Scanditron. A joint, multi-million euro program was begun for a telecommunications company in the summer of 2018. EID Robotics will provide the company with handling and packaging lines based on modular robotics solutions, whereas Scanditron will provide project management and system lifecycle services. Close cooperation will provide a wide range of synergy benefits.

“Above all, in the United States and Europe we are offering a holistic manufacturing concept for easy and cost-effective local manufacturing. We are taking good care of our current clients while entering new markets”, says Helminen.

As well as changing its name, the company has revamped its brand, to align the ANT Plant manufacturing concept more clearly with the idea of a strong and reliable company. The worker ants previously featured in the ANT Plant logo have now been joined by a stylishly designed queen ant in the EID Robotics logo.

Ants, which live in symbiosis with plants, symbolize the close partnership between EID Robotics and the client.

“Another permanent feature of our company name is the acronym EID, which is an abbreviation of our slogan: Everything is doable. As many of our clients can confirm, we find a collaborative solution to every problem”, comments Helminen.

In line with its growth strategy, EID Robotics has recruited additional experts. Kaisa Kapaj has begun work as a Project Manager and Kimmo Repo as Sourcing Director with the company. New members of the board include Jari Helminen, Paavo Käkelä and Jari Osmala, as well as Esko Lahtinen and Jukka Hakola.

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