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Last fall the EID Robotics team was joined by Project Manager Kaisa Kapaj. Having honed her skills working on demanding renovation projects in New York City, Kaisa feels that the most crucial aspect in managing projects is to make sure that everyone stays informed. An open dialogue with the client ensures that the project produces the optimal solution to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Before EID Robotics, Kaisa worked for 15 years in the planning and implementation of large-scale renovation projects in Manhattan, New York.

“People say Manhattan is a city that never sleeps, and the work pace was certainly true to that statement. We worked long hours at a very rapid pace. Due to the astronomical real estate costs in Manhattan, project schedules had to be extremely tight,” Kaisa says, describing her work in the United States.

Plenty of common ground in industrial automation and construction projects

Stepping in as a Project Manager for EID Robotics, Kaisa had no prior experience in industrial automation. Currently, EID Robotics has four ongoing automation solution projects, and Kaisa is already holding the reins for all of them with accomplished ease.

“Basically, construction and industrial automation projects follow the same rules. An open dialogue with your client is the key to project success. It is important to present the client with the best solutions and be willing to discuss them together. There is no other way to develop and learn”, Kaisa says.

EID Together is a significant resource

EID Robotics employs experts from a wide variety of fields. The design and construction of an automation line require specialists in automation, mechanics, electrical solutions and software.

“We co-operate very closely. We gather around a table multiple times a week to consider the best possible solutions. This open atmosphere and the possibility to refine new ideas together is one of the secrets behind our innovative automation solutions,” Kaisa explains.

When deadlines start closing in and unexpected setbacks throw a wrench in the works, colleagues are there to lend a hand.

“Sudden changes and schedules will always cause hurdles during projects. Our principle is to leave no one to struggle alone and instead focus on solving problems together. Despite the hectic pace, we do have fun at work, sometimes almost too much fun!”

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EID ROBOTICS OY, founded in 2009, is a developer of automation solutions and a revolutionizer of the production industry. Their ANT Plant manufacturing concept is an industry innovation. The company is located in Kuopio, Finland. The company has long-time experience with client-focused industrial automation, especially in the fields of electronics, electrical work and lighting.