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Jarno Räsänen, the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) who joined EID Robotics in January 2021, will bring the company strong expertise in international business, finance, and personnel management, and previous experience in 50-fold revenue growth. Jarno’s primary goal at EID Robotics is to ensure significant business growth domestically and internationally. In this blog, Jarno talks about his new challenge!

EID Robotics has been laying the foundation for international growth for several years. The journey, characterized by challenging global market turmoil, has paid off, and now all the elements for a worldwide breakthrough are in place – the metrics for 2021 show robust revenue growth!

Business Outlook

Due to the contracts made during the first month of this year alone, EID Robotics’ revenue in 2021 is expected to increase by at least 100% compared to the previous year. These new reference customers, which are worldwide brands, will help us sign several significant microfactory contracts in both the European and North American markets in the coming years. The first contract with a global North-American stock-listed manufacturer has been signed, and the market potential behind the Atlantic ocean is staggering.

Why Local Manufacturing?

The current global coronavirus pandemic has increased companies’ interest in local manufacturing tremendously. In the future, every company wants to avoid logistics challenges and shortages of raw materials and products. Local manufacturing is the best protection against global supply chain disruptions, and manufacturers are making these investments today. With automation, they can significantly increase operational efficiency and improve the return on investment (ROI) of local manufacturing.

Modular Microfactories

EID Robotics’ ANT Plant microfactory automation solution is fully modular and adapts to the ever-changing customer needs quickly, efficiently, and profitably. A modular microfactory can be installed even in one day, and production capacity scales to millions of units. EID Robotics has delivered several successful microfactory deployments – users have reported up to 3X lower field failure rate compared to offshored Asian products. ANT PLANT Microfactory increased product quality and opened new customer segments for Senseair, the global sensor manufacturer.

Going Forward as EID Robotics COO

I have previously been involved in building a significant business growth – from one million Euros in revenue to 50 million Euros. I look forward to leveraging my strong expertise in international business, finance, and personnel management at EID Robotics. I also believe that my previous experience of the challenges of growth and solving them will be needed in the role.

As the business grows, we will recruit more staff for various positions over the coming years. Skilled, committed, and professional staff is, in my opinion, the most critical component when building a growth story!

Jarno Räsänen, Chief Operating Officer, EID Robotics